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Invivo Research Articles Page 2

Choosing the Correct Pedestal System

In a Invivo research environment guide cannula systems can be used with laboratory animals. A guide cannula is made of a stainless steel tube and a pedestal. The pedestal is a plastic threaded piece on a guide cannula used ...continue

Invivo Preclinical Questions Volume One

Some of our invivo preclinical customer's questions answered....continue

What is an In Vivo Commutator and How Does it Work

An in vivo commutator, also known as an electrical swivel, allows for consistent electrical continuity in a dynamic rotating system. This has many practical applications, including inside generators and motors. In preclinical applications, the commutator allows...continue

In Vivo Optogenetics Experiments

Optogenetics studies allow the researcher to target the area in the brain they are studying with higher precision due to the use of light instead of a fluid substance. Light has a direct path and can be controlled, whereas fluids can affect more or less of the area you want to target...continue

How to Order Custom Cannulae

We’ve provided a “cheat sheet” to help you specify the correct custom cuts to speed up the ordering process and ensure that the parts are made correctly...continue

Making Vs Buying Invivo Cannula Systems

Buying a commercially available cannula system offers a higher level of precision than what can be obtained by lab technicians. Manufacturing equipment creates uniform components so that each order is replicated for the customer with no uncertainties that can skew results...continue