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Electrode Systems

Invivo Research Electrode Systems are ideal for acute and /or chronic electrical stimulation or recording in animals of all sizes. Our system is manufactured with assorted wire diameters and materials to meet the diverse specifications of all types of researchers. The customized P1 Technologies Electrode Systems are proudly made with quality in the USA.

The Cannula Electrode System is comprised of three basic parts:

  • Electrode
  • Stimulates or records activity within the animal.
  • Custom Cable
  • Connect the electrodes with the researcherís data acquisition devices or neural stimulation devices.
  • Commutators
  • (electrical swivels) To be used for acute or chronic studies.

Add PlasticsOne's components, such as mounting screws, screwdrivers, PE or vinyl tubing, infusion connector assemblies, mounting holders, drill bits, and drill holders, as needed to complete a system.

Order a complete electrode system HERE

When a researcher requires infusion in addition to electrical stimulation or recording, P1 Technologies' product line also offers guide electrode combinations in custom configurations such as:
  • Simultaneous Electrode/Guide Cannula Systems combine a guide cannula with an electrode so that infusion can occur simultaneously with electrical stimulation or recording. Since they are two separate parts, they can also be used individually also
  • Sequential Electrode/Guide Cannula System combines a guide cannula with an electrode so that infusion can occur at the same site within the animal where electrical stimulation or recording is needed.