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Infusion Systems

Infusion Systems are for short term and chronic infusion studies of small and larger animals, these implanted cannulas deliver drugs, crystals, fluids and fiber optics to specific sites in the brain..

Invivo Research Cannula Infusion Systems are ideal for acute and or chronic drug administration in animals of all sizes. These systems deliver drugs, crystals, fluid agents, and fiber optics to the researcher's specified location and are proudly made in the USA with the highest quality. Customized Infusion Systems from P1 Technologies are custom made to each researcher's requirements. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Neuroscience, our Cannula Infusion System is an industry standard for researchers around the world.

Three basic parts make up the Infusion Systems:

  • Guide cannula
  • Is implanted into the animal and used to guide the internal cannula to a specified depth.
  • Internal cannula
  • Delivers drugs, crystals, fluid agents, and fiber optics to specific sites and depths within the brain.
  • Dummy cannula
  • Inserts into the guide to protect the brain when there is no infusion or delivery taking place.

Add P1 Technologies' components, such as mounting screws, screwdrivers, PE or vinyl tubing, infusion connector assemblies, mounting holders, drill bits, and drill holders, as needed to complete a system.

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