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Cannula Opotogenetic Systems

Invivo Research Optogenetics is a relatively newer technique that is starting to become more mainstream, and the possibilities are immeasurable. This type of research is allowing researchers the ability to turn specific neuronal circuits on and off by using light delivered through optical fibers. These light sources can be delivered to varying locations, such as the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system. Using P1 Technologies' Optogenetic Cannula System will help the researcher making delivery of the optic fibers to the neurons more accurate.

The P1 Technologies Optogenetic Cannula System consists of four main parts:

  • Guide cannula
  • (single or double) that is implanted into the animal and used to guide the fiber optic internal cannula/housing to a specified depth.
  • Internal cannula
  • which delivers the fiber optics to specific sites and depths within the brain or spinal cord.
  • Fiber Cap
  • That can be screwed over the guide and internal cannula/housing to keep the fiber in place.
  • Dummy cannula
  • That is inserted into the guide to protect the brain when there isnít fiber optic activation or inactivation taking place.