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What pedestal system should I choose?

pedestalsIn a Invivo research environment guide cannula systems can be used with laboratory animals. A guide cannula is made of a stainless steel tube and a pedestal. The pedestal is a plastic threaded piece on a guide cannula used for threading on mating components (internal cannula, dummy cannula, connector assembly, dust caps). It is also is used to secure the cannula to the skull using dental cement and skull screws

There are three sizes of pedestals to choose from: short, standard, and long. The short is best used with smaller animals such as mice or birds. The advantage of using the short pedestal system is it creates a smaller head cap on the animal therefore weighing less. The long pedestal works best with large animals such as primates or pigs. We created the long version to be in proportion to the larger animals to fit a niche market. The standard version works with any animal regardless of size and are available in a stocked size for a faster turnaround.

P1 Technologies pedestals have been used in the industry for over 20 years. Invented by researchers who worked with us to perfect the design. While other competitors have entered the market P1 Technologies remains the standard in the industry. We pride ourselves in working with customers to create custom solutions to meet their needs.

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By: Aubrey Shifflett