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Electrophysiology: Where to Begin

If you’re wondering what to order for an Electrophysiology study, we can help.First, how many channels are you planning on working with? Our standards are: two, three or six. If you need any additional channels we offer custom options.

Here is a basic sample of an Electrophysiology system:


Three standard sizes: .005”, .008” and .010”. The size of the animal determines which size you require.

untwisted electrode


Double ended tether with two channel 305 plugs available with spring or mesh sheath. Spring/mesh are used to protect the cable from animals who chew on it. Spring is more durable but mesh covering is lighter. Both are made with stainless steel.

electrode cable


Two channel commutator available in two options: Double brush or single brush. Single brush has a lower torque which allows it to spin easier for smaller animals. Double brush is a standard size and is more durable due to two brushes.


Commutator Stimulator Cable:

Input cable used for stimulation. A standard cable is our 305 plug to a variety of options depending on your needs: 441 female touchproof, 491 banana plug, 340 male plug, SL/2 solder lugs or leave it open ended.

Commutator Cable

Contact us to customize the Electrophysiology system to meet your needs

By: Linda Pham