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Making vs Buying Invivo Cannula Systems

Invivo Systems for mice In many labs, it is almost a tradition for new personnel to learn the process of making cannula for their research projects. Making guide cannulas is often seen as less expensive compared to buying a commercial option. Homemade systems can be made relatively quickly with a small amount of materials and upfront costs.

However, buying a commercially available cannula system offers a higher level of precision than what can be obtained by lab technicians. Manufacturing equipment creates uniform components so that each order is replicated for the customer with no uncertainties that can skew results. An additional benefit is an overall cost savings to the lab. A complete system (guide, internal, and dummy) can often be purchased for much less than time spent making homemade versions. Time spent making guides in the laboratory can now be spent focusing on results.

If you've been considering a changeover to a commercially available system, please contact us for more information. We offers a wide range of cannula systems which can be easily customized to the needs of your research.

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