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Single Osmotic Pump Infusion Cannulas: Custom Fitted to Your Specifications

We understand the importance of quality and accuracy in your research and that time is often a high priority in a critical study. For that reason, we manufacture parts to meet your requirements with quick turnaround time. There are no additional costs for custom cut cannulas either.

To accommodate research demands, we have Single Osmotic Pump Infusion Cannulas to fit large and small animals such as mice. Available gauge options include; 22, 26, 28, and 30. We manufacture in Stainless Steel or PEEK, Nylon and Fused Silica for MRI compatibility.

3280pm Guide cannula

If your research requires an additional injection or chronic administration while using an osmotic pump, we offer a guide/Osmotic pump cannula.

3220pg Guide cannula

We also offer Double Osmotic Pump Cannulas that can be used with two osmotic pumps

Please contact us for your custom osmotic pump cannula needs.