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Starter Kits

We realize that choosing the right cannula can be overwhelming with the many options that we offer. To make buying easier, we have pre-kitted three of our most popular single cannula sizes with all the required components included to make a basic system. Simply choose a gauge and pedestal height. You can specify the custom lengths you need for each cannula when ordering.

  Kits Include:
Invivo Guides
10 Guides
Invivo Dummies
10 Dummies
Invivo Internals
10 Internals
Invivo Connector
1 Connector

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
Kit 122 Gauge / 8 mm pedestal height$206.53 per package
Kit 226 Gauge / 8 mm pedestal height$225.23 per package
Kit 326 Gauge / 5 mm pedestal height$225.23 per package

Start Kits